Our attention has been drawn to NTV News Broadcast of Saturday, 18th June 2016 and an Article in the Sunday Monitor of 19th June 2016 titled; Why Patients have no drugs at Uganda Cancer Institute.

The News Broadcast and Article allege that:

  1. National Medical Stores (NMS) supplies drugs to Uganda Cancer Institute at inflated prices.
  2. NMS does not deliver all medicines requisitioned by Uganda Cancer Institute.
  3. NMS is fighting the Uganda Cancer Institute Bill (Law) that is intended to allow Uganda Cancer Institute make its own procurements.

 It is very clear from the News Broadcast and Article that Uganda Cancer Institute (UCI) is trying to get a scapegoat for its inefficiencies. It is on record that Uganda Cancer Institute Management has since recentralization of funds to NMS, fought against NMS procuring the Cancer Medicines, and has therefore used every available opportunity to frustrate NMS.

To Specific allegations, we wish to clarify as follows:­

  1. Inflated Prices NMS does not procure Cancer Medicines at inflated Prices as alleged. The only incident of high Prices was in the FY 2014/2015. This was as a result of a System error of the Supplier. This was detected by NMS, rectified and Uganda Cancer Institute informed and its Account Credited. There was no loss of funds on the part of Uganda Cancer Institute or NMS to the Supplier.
  2. That an incident of FY 2014/15 is brought up by the Management of Uganda Cancer Institute at the end of FY 2015/2016, points to the motive behind the article.
  3. Deliveries NMS delivers to Uganda Cancer Institute medicines on time and in accordance with the agreed delivery dates and lead-times. This has been so even in the face of poor adherence to Procurement Plans by Uganda Cancer Institute Management. Any delays are exceptions, and mainly due to the non co-operation by the Management of Uganda Cancer Institute Management. Even as we respond to these allegations, Uganda Cancer Institute is the only Government Health Facility that has not yet submitted to us their Procurement Plan for the next Financial Year, starting next month, when all the other facilities did so by end of May 2016.
  4. Resistance to the Uganda Cancer Institute Bill NMS has no desire or influence to block the assenting to the Uganda Cancer Institute Bill. This allegation is only the “wild imagination” of the Management of Uganda Cancer Institute. It is apparent that its this “Wild Imagination” that could have motivated the Publishing of the said Article. NMS would be willing to have Ugandans confirm for themselves whether Uganda Cancer Institute procuring its own medicines and other supplies would actually make cancer medicines more available to the patients in need.  Read more...


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