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NMS last delivered Yellow Fever Vaccine to KCCA on 27th April 2016 and not in 2012 as they claim on their website.  A total of 3,000 doses were delivered and receipt thereof acknowledged.(See delivery note above fully stamped and signed by KCCA).
All Medicines procured and distributed by NMS are distributed to Government Health Facilities, and should be availed to the Ugandan Citizens Free of Charge. This applies to the Yellow Fever Vaccine delivered to KCCA.
NMS expects that KCCA availed this Vaccine to Ugandans at no Cost, since the Government of Uganda has already paid for this Vaccine Using the Ugandan Tax Payers Money.
KCCA did not purchase this Yellow Fever Vaccine from NMS because NMS does not sell medicines, but rather avails medicines to Health Facilities according to budgetary allocations given to each Health Facility by the Government of Uganda each Financial Year.
If KCCA, Maintains that they bought and paid for this Vaccine from NMS, we challenge them to bring evidence of payment. Any Payment is accompanied by a Receipt, Right?
As earlier stated by our CEO on WBS TV, KCCA needs to come out and apologise to Ugandans for this robbery, and refund the sums to those who paid for this otherwise free service.


5TH MAY 2016.


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