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Minutes for the pre-qualification

Particulars of Procurement

Subject of procurement

Pre-qualification of providers for medical supplies, general supplies, works, and services

Location of Pre-bid Meeting

Online (Zoom)

Date and time of Meeting

23rd September 2021; 11:00am



Record of Pre-bid Meeting Minutes


Question asked/ Issues raised

                                    Response  given


Are medicines part of the items for pre-qualification?

No. The lots containing medicines (Lots 9,15 and 28) have been removed from the list of requirements.


Can the requirements for experience, annual turnover and previous contracts be adjusted?

The requirements have been adjusted as follows:

  • Bidders who meet the requirements of criteria 16, 17 and 18 above will be classified as Category A Suppliers while those who do not will be classified as Category B suppliers.
  • Category B Suppliers will only be invited to participate in low value procurements (below UGX: 1,000,000,000)  while Category A suppliers will be invited to participate in high value procurements (UGX: 1,000,000,000 and above).


Are bidders required to put prices for the items quoted?



Is it mandatory to attach the sector Regulator Certificate?



Are bidders allowed to quote for more than one category of items?



Is the UGX: 300,000 to be paid for each category or is it for any number of lots of interest?

Only one payment is required for a bidder to quote for any number of lots/categories


What do you need to evidence the sale of the quoted supplies in the country of origin?

Attach the Certificate of Registration in the country of origin


How does a Joint Venture fill forms A1-A6

The forms should be filled as a Joint Venture and not by the individual parties


What if medicines are not NDA-Registered?

Medicines are not part of this prequalification exercise. NMS uses the NDA register as the prequalified suppliers list for medicines during tendering.


There is no lot for motor vehicle repair and maintenance; can it be included?

Providers under motor vehicle repair and maintenance have already been prequalified and are therefore not part of this tender


The template for Ethical Code compliance is not included in the document

The template is included under Application Submission Sheet.


What should we submit to show compliance with Tax and National Social Security obligations

Bidders should attach the Tax Clearance Certificate and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Certificate respectively


Is a Power of Attorney from a lawyer (Notary) acceptable



Does one need to quote for all the items per lot?

Not necessarily; a bidder can quote for any number of items per lot.


Do you require a Power of Attorney for each lot?

No, only one Power of Attorney should be submitted to cater for all the lots quoted for.


Do we submit a separate bid for each lot?

No, all the lots of interest should be included in one bid


Forms A7 and A8 are missing from the document

Please ignore these forms. Consider only forms A1-A6 that are provided


Please consider extending the bid submission deadline

The bid closing date has been extended to 15th October 2021.


Do you require samples under this tender?



We request that you remove the requirement for certified documents

The requirement has been removed.


Are you able to give back our bids after submission

Bidders are free to withdraw their bids after submission


Why don’t you want contracts with National Medical Stores to be part of evidence of previous or current performance?

NMS contracts shall be considered as evidence of bidder performance


Should the Power of Attorney be addressed to NMS?

Yes, and the Power of attorney shall be specific to this tender


Can we submit any Tax Clearance Certificate?

A valid certificate should be submitted


Is a bid security required in this tender?



Can a bid security be submitted in place of the financial statements?

No, the two serve different purposes


Will you accept a Distributor’s Authorization in place of a Manufacturer’s Authorization?

No, we require a Manufacturer’s Authorization


The Manufacturer’s Authorization template is not in the document

This has been provided (See Annex 1) attached


We do not see COVID-19 test kits anywhere in the document

These fall under lot-8 (Diagnostic kits and reagents)


Can you share the recording of this meeting please

The pre-bid minutes shall be shared with all participating bidders


Can company IDs be used in place of CVs



Can CVs of temporary staff be used?

We require CVs of full time staff


We had already submitted our bids for medicines (Lot-9), can we withdraw it and can the money be refunded?

You can withdraw the bid and your money shall be refunded


How many LPOs or how many firms should we include as part of our prior experience or ongoing experience?


Bidders should attach as many LPOs to back the required experience


On the 2 billion turn over issue; Please give startups a chance

Startups are taken care of under this prequalification exercise as they will be prequalified as category B suppliers as explained in minute 2 above


For a company that has audited books for only past two years, can we participate in the pre-qualification?



Can you tell us the difference between specific and general Power of Attorney

A specific Power of Attorney is addressed to National Medical Stores and has the tender reference details on it

Certification of minutes as a true record of the proceedings of the meeting:


Name:                                                                                                                          Position: Chairperson

Signature:                                                                                                                     Date:      23/09/2021


Name:                                                                                                                          Position: Secretary

Signature:                               Date:     23/09/2021



Name and address


Company or department and Email








































[This authorisation should be on the letterhead of the Manufacturer and should be signed by a person with the proper authority to sign such an authorisation.  It should be included by the Bidder in its bid, if so indicated in the BDS].

Manufacturer’s Authorisation

Date: [insert date (as day, month and year) of bid submission]

Procurement Reference No.: [insert Procurement Reference Number]

To:  [insert complete name of Procuring and Disposing Entity]


WHEREAS [insert complete name of Manufacturer], who are official manufacturers of [insert type of supplies manufactured], having factories at [insert full address of Manufacturer], do hereby authorise [insert complete name of Bidder] to submit a bid in relation to the Bidding Document indicated above, the purpose of which is to provide the following Supplies, manufactured by us [insert name or brief description of the Supplies], and to subsequently negotiate and sign the Contract.

We hereby extend our full guarantee and warranty in accordance with Clause 29 of the General Conditions of Contract, with respect to the Supplies offered by the above firm in reply to the Invitation for Bids.



Signed: [signature of person whose name and capacity are shown below]

Name: [insert complete name of person signing the Manufacturer’s Authorisation]          

In the capacity of [insert legal capacity of person signing the Manufacturer’s Authorisation]


Duly authorised to sign the Manufacturer’s Authorisation for and on behalf of: [insert complete name of Manufacturer]


Dated on ____________ day of __________________, _______ [insert date of signing]

2021-09-30 12:34:00
2021-10-15 12:34:00


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