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Consultancy services to run a Campaign on National Awareness against Misuse and Pilferage of Government Medicines.
  1. The National Medical Stores has allocated funds to be used for Expression of Interest For Consultancy Services to run a Campaign on National Awareness against Misuse and Pilferage of Government Medicines on a Lumpsum contract.
  2. The Entity now invites eligible Individual Consultants to submit sealed expressions of interest for Expression of Interest For Consultancy Services to run a Campaign on National Awareness against Misuse and Pilferage of Government Medicines on a Lumpsum contract.
  3. Interested Individual Consultants should provide information demonstrating that they are eligible and possess the required qualifications to perform the services supported with relevant documentation.
  4. The short listing criteria will include the following requirements, documents and experience as shown below:
    1. A copy of valid trading licence or its equivalent for 2021;
    2. A copy of the certificate of registration or its equivalent;
    3. A Power of Attorney which if signed in Uganda shall be registered; or if signed outside Uganda shall be notarized authorising signature of the bid on behalf of the Bidder. The power of Attorney should be specific to this Expression of Interest. A general Power of Attorney Shall be rejected.
    4. A valid tax clearance certificate for 2021.
  1. A statement that you are not suspended by the Authority.
  2. A statement that you are not insolvent, in receivership, bankrupt or being wound up or subject to legal proceedings for any of these circumstances.



  1. The assignment is open to companies or consortia with experience in publicity and communication assignments for at least five years, and are familiar with publicity for the medical logistics sector
  2. Evidence of experience in:
  • Communications
  • Publicity
  • knowledge management
  • proofreading and copy editing
  • Social media management (Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc.)


  1. The firm must show proof of having undertaken a national health-related sensitization/awareness campaign with a government institution or a government affiliated international organization in the last four years. Documented evidence (contract, including description, value year of commencement, year of completion, client and contact person for reference)
  2. The firm must have conducted a national media outreach campaign for a government institution in the last five years.
  3. The media firm should show proof of having undertaken an assignment in collecting, compiling and analyzing data.
  4. The firm must demonstrate financial capacity to undertake the assignment. Provide audited books of accounts with an annual turnover of UgShs100 Million in the last three years.
  5. Digital media campaigns: The firm must show evidence of designing and executing a successful digital campaign.
  6. The firm should provide evidence of a formal partnership of disseminating audio-visual content through a professional digital news media association registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau.
  7. The firm should demonstrate evidence of undertaking online news service campaigns for a health-related government body in the last two years.
  8. The firm must show proof of at least five years’ experience in social media marketing with documented evidence of conducting at least one nation online campaign for a government agency.
  9. The firm must provide evidence of having conducted a national survey on drug and medical supplies with a health-related government entity in the last two years. The firm must show proof of existing data collectors across Uganda
  10. The firm must show proof of having conducted national media monitoring for a medical logistics supply campaign exercise
  11. The firm must show proof of having designed a communications strategy for a health-related government body




      The firm will implement a number of activities designed to:

  • Use digital, print and broadcast media to sensitize the public about the dangers of misuse and pilferage of government medicines and the collective effort needed to address the challenges.
  • Create awareness among all stakeholders about NMS’ interventions to address the misuse and pilferage of EMHS.
  • Shed light on loopholes exploited to facilitate misuse and pilferage of EMHS to enable relevant authorities identify and address them.
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders, sensitize the public on the misuse of government medicines and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance in Uganda.

The detailed Terms of Reference for the consultancy will be shared with the successful Public Relations Consultancy Firms.


  1. Interested eligible providers may obtain further information at the address given below fromMonday to Friday between 0800hrs to 1700hrs:

       The General Manager,

       National Medical Stores,

       Plot4-12 Nsamizi Road,

       P.O. Box 16 Entebbe –UGANDA                            

       Tel: 256 414 320542, E-mail:


  1. Sealed Expressions of Interest must be delivered to the address above by 11:00AM local time on

     14th January 2022. (Address in number 6).

  1. The notice of expression of interest is available at the Entity’s website at
  2. The planned Procurement schedule (Subject to changes) is as follows:



  1. Publication of Notice of Expression of Interest

21st December 2021

b.     Closing date for receipt of Expression of Interest

14th January 2022

c.      Evaluation of Expressions of Interest

Within 15 working days after closing date.

d.     Display of shortlist

Within 2 working days after Contract Committee`s approval

2022-01-14 12:01:00
2022-01-31 12:01:00


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