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More than 75% of all diseases in Uganda are preventable but cannot be prevented!
We need a healthy balance between peoples’ rights and their responsibilities in achieving good health.

Examples include:
-Safe drinking water helps prevent many water borne diseases that take many of our people to hospitals. Such diseases can be prevented by just ensuring that all drinking water is safe by boiling it or treating it.

-Helmet and Seat-belt use no matter how short the distance one is traveling is. The hospitals and medical centers receive daily patients due to accidents. The injuries sustained due to the accidents can be greatly minimized only if our people always used helmets when on motorcycles and seat belts when in cars.

-Condom use to avoid the sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Many people get sexually transmitted diseases and end up in hospitals yet such diseases can be prevented by using condoms. Many will urge that condoms are expensive despite the government providing free condoms to the population through the health centers and other medical facilities. However, the same people will manage to foot a much bigger bill once they fall sick with the sexually transmitted disease. Sexually transmitted disease can be prevented by use of condoms. Lets embrace preventative measures.

-Healthy eating/exercise is one of the best ways to prevent diseases. The body has the capacity to fight off diseases on is own if it is looked after well. Though many people will for example try to use skin creams to have a good looking skin, the best way to get a good skin is feed the body on the right amounts of food. Eat healthy. Exercise to keep fit and in shape. The body will be ready to fight any disease that might arise.

-Mosquito nets. It is clear fact that mosquitoes cause malaria. It is also clear fact that malaria can be prevented by sleeping under an insecticide treated mosquito net. However, many of people still refuse to sleep under treated mosquito nets. They get malaria and end up in hospitals looking for treatment. The malaria attacks can be reduced considerably by sleeping under a treated mosquito net.

-Avoid drink driving, excessive alcohol consumption.This is one of the causes of road accidents. It is purely irresponsible for someone to drive under the influence of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption makes the body weak. The body fails to fight off diseases and the person ends up being admitted in hospital for an illness that is preventable.

NB Could it be that we are treating symptoms? Can we achieve more with less?


NMS Smart Care is a set of online tools (including mobile APPS - NMS SMART CARE APP and NMS LMD APP in Google Play Store) that enable Public Health Facilities and the general public to give and receive feedback on the medicine and medical supplies. Read More

NMS delivers medicine up to the facility’s doorstep. NMS delivers medicine to all health facilities from RRH’s, General Hospitals, HCIV’s, HCIII’s and HCII’s through a system called Last mile delivery Read More

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